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First-in-Class Cancer Immunotherapeutics

New Generation of Cancer-Immunotherapy:
Empower your own immune system to fight cancer

Our goal is to make immunotherapy benefit the majority of cancer patients, not just a few

Jennifer Wu, PhD. President.

Our leading candidate CuraB-10, an immune stimulatory monoclonal antibody, represents a new generation in immunotherapy. CuraB-10 is the first-in-class immunotherapeutic antibody that targets a cancer-released immune suppressive molecule and re-invigorates both innate and adoptive tumor-specific immune responses.

CuraB10: The Biology

Early in cancer development, human cancer cells express MIC on their cell surface in response to stress or oncogenic insult. Surface MIC acts as a ligand for the NKG2D immunoreceptor, which activates natural killer cells and co-stimulates CD8+ cytolytic T cells, leading to detection and elimination of tumor cells as part of normal immune surveillance activities. As the cancer progresses, cancer cells cleave surface MIC and releases a soluble form of MIC (sMIC) into the circulation. sMIC is highly immunosuppressive and disables the immune system by impairing NK and T cell activity, expanding the population of myeloid-derived suppressor cells and tumor-associated macrophages in tumor microenvironment. Altogether, these damaging effects of sMIC allows cancer cells to grow and thrive. CuraB-10 clears the immune destruction of sMIC and re-invigorates the immune system to fight cancer (Figure 1)
​​CuraB10: Preclinical Proof of Concept and Development​​

  • CuraB-10 single agent is effective in fighting cancers that are non-responsive to immune checkpoint inhibitors (Figure 2). 
  • CuraB-10 synergizes with immune check point inhibitors (Figure 2).​
  • CuraB-10 response can be predicted by serum biomarker sMIC
  • More than 80% cancer patients solid tumor  are MIC-positive and thus can benefit from CuraB-10 therapy, 
  • ​CuraB10 is ready for IND-enabling development.